Dark Horse to Release Lucas’s Original ‘Star Wars’ Script as Comic Series

George Lucas’s first, highly different Star Wars script will soon be repurposed by Dark Horse Comics for an eight-issue miniseries.

Written in 1974, the original draft of what ultimately became the epic franchise’s first screenplay is quite a different adventure than the one from the galaxy far, far away that was immortalized on screen. Luke Skywalker is an older Jedi general, while charismatic smuggler Han Solo is a lizard-type alien. The story’s main protagonist is named Annikin Starkiller.

There aren’t even light-sabers. Instead, there are ‘laser-swords.’

Inside looks at the creative process — how things grow and evolve from draft to draft, etc. — are always fascinating, but eight issues of reading the term “laser-swords” time and again might show why things do change.


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