Can’t Wait: Terrence Malick’s ‘To The Wonder’

While my other movie series, I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Film School, looks back, I figured I should place at least one foot in the here and now of giddy anticipation.  Therefore, Can’t Wait focuses on upcoming movies I, well, can’t wait to see, along with a few reasons why.

[Oh hey, let’s make fun of the dork who forgot to schedule yesterday’s post.  Anyway, here’s the “Can’t Wait” I owe you.]

I’ve been slow to appreciate Terrence Malick’s work.  Last spring I saw the trailer for The Tree of Life and couldn’t stop thinking about it.  It looked so mysterious and abstract that I felt it necessary to study his filmography.  I watched his four previous movies — Badlands, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line, and The New World — and only truly enjoyed The Thin Red Line.  The voiceover use bordering on excess and the lingering shots of nature were intriguing if difficult to connect to.  Then last week I was able to see Tree of Life on a big screen — the first time I saw it was on a small TV in the afternoon, much like the rest of his movies (not exactly a prime viewing situation) — and everything clicked in that greater medium.  When immersed, the poetry of the voiceovers doesn’t feel abstract; it enhances the beautiful imagery washing over the screen.

And with Malick’s late-career surge of productivity, he has showcased To The Wonder on the film festival circuit the last couple months to gain a distributor.  It may not have received the warmest of reactions, and I have only the vaguest of understandings as to what kind of thematic or plot ground the film covers, but if I have the opportunity to see another Malick on a big screen, I’m going to do it.  Now, someone pick it up and release it.


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