Can’t Wait: ‘Skyfall’

While my other movie series, I Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Film School, looks back, I figured I should place at least one foot in the here and now of giddy anticipation.  Therefore, Can’t Wait focuses on upcoming movies I, well, can’t wait to see, along with a few reasons why.

The James Bond franchise has never been one to employ directors anyone would recognize.  Usually the realm of journeymen who will toe the brand line — it’s no surprise many of these directors, like John Glen and Guy Hamilton, are pretty much only known for 007 films — things have seemingly changed with the hiring of Sam Mendes.  American Beauty won him a Best Director Oscar, and he’s continued down the art-film path with Jarhead and Revolutionary Road, among others.  Not exactly the type of resume that screams, “Bond director.”  But alas, the brand has dipped its toes in the artsy waters, and based on the trailer, it’s seemingly paid off.

The “bang zoom” properties remain intact, with fist fights atop moving trains, explosions aplenty, and even a return of Q’s gadgets to the series.  It is Mendes’s eye for detail, though, that makes Skyfall so promising after the general letdown of Quantum of Solace.  007 himself (Daniel Craig) looks haggard; his suave facade invaded by stubbly, unkempt facial hair.  Visual flourishes (M’s Judi Dench staring at Union Jack-draped coffins, Bond standing on a boat on his way to a ritzy party of sorts, Javier Bardem’s villain in silhouette sauntering from a flaming building) place greater emphasis on eye-popping colors and shot composition angling to add some specialness to what could be a soulless action flick.


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