Emma Stone in ‘Spider-Man’? Why Not?

The casting news for Sony’s upcoming Andrew Garfield-starring Spider-Man reboot is getting more interesting, as this Entertainment Weekly article says two female leads are in the movie, which means both of my main man Spidey’s love interests, Mary-Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy, are likely to have large roles in Peter Parker’s on-screen life.

Stone's a very good option for Mary-Jane.

The article says Emma Stone, best known for Zombieland and the new Easy A, a movie I couldn’t be less interested in despite very good reviews, certainly looks the part of Mary Jane, and I’d be interested in seeing Stone use her charm and humor to put some life into the character, who, when played by Kirsten Dunst, was pretty wet blanket-rific.

The article makes it sound likely that Stone has the part wrapped up, which is fine by me, as I really enjoyed Zombieland. She showed she can handle big budget action and not get lost amid the explosions, which will suit her well in what is sure to be one of the biggest movies of 2012. And, of course, she actually has red hair, unlike Dunst.

The next Gwen Stacy? Perhaps.

Less certain of a role is Mia Wasikowska, from Tim Burton’s decidedly blah-but-all-right Alice in Wonderland, who’s rumored to be auditioning for Gwen Stacy.  She was merely okay in that movie, but then again, so was everything else about it, and she seems to be a rising star, so she’s probably got plenty of talent.  If Gwen’s expected to be the sweet option for Parker like in the comics, director Marc Webb could do a lot worse than casting Wasikowska.

Whoever eventually gets these roles, they’ll definitely have a good costar in Garfield, who has me sold on his acting abilities after I recently saw the first of the English miniseries, The Red Riding Trilogy, where he played a young reporter in 1974 piecing together corruption and murder clues.  He was amazing in that and I can’t wait to see what he can do with an American accent in The Social Network next week.


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