Fincher’s Reasons Behind Doing ‘The Social Network’.

Fincher's newest film is one I cannot wait to see.

Instead of being a good student and getting ahead on homework today, I was mindlessly searching the Internet and came across a Slash Film interview with one of my favorite filmmakers, David Fincher, who gives his reasons for doing the upcoming The Social Network, a film that’s already been on my radar for a while, and now I’m even more excited for it.

As a big fan of every Fincher movie I’ve seen — everything besides Alien 3 and the movie that’s currently on my floor waiting to be watched, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button — I was curious about his choice to direct a movie about the rise of Facebook, considering how he generally leans toward edgier fare, like The Game and Fight Club, but the interview does a good job of highlighting his interest in his newest film’s subject: technology.  He approaches this movie with “great respect and admiration” and with his methodical, everything-must-be-juuuuust-right style, I could easily see The Social Network being in my top five favorite movies of the year.

And, just for good measure, why not take another gander at the film’s trailer.


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