‘Black Swan’ Trailer: Queen Amidala Loses Her Mind.

The trailer for Darren Aronofsky’s latest film, a New York-set thriller called Black Swan, was released earlier this week and after watching it a few times, I’m still unsure of what the movie’s about, but I’m intrigued, mostly because of Natalie Portman seemingly going nuts throughout the course of the two minutes.

There are a lot of Aronofsky fans out there, and I guess you could lump me in with them, but I’m no expert on his filmography, as I’ve only seen The Wrestler, which was a great movie, but one steeped in minimalism and gritty, realistic emotion, highlighted by the extensive use of hand held cameras to develop an almost documentary style.  Black Swan looks to be a different creature, with a more polished look, although some of the hand held camera work remains.

As for the story, I’m not even going to venture a guess.  I hope the “twist” isn’t revealing that Mila Kunis’s character is really a Tyler Durdenesque figment of Portman’s ballet dancer’s imagination, and the end of the trailer seems like the film takes a sci-fi turn, of which I’m plenty accepting, and come December, I’ll definitely have my ass in a seat to see just what this thing’s all about.


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