Bad Robot Gets Busy with ‘7 Minutes In Heaven.’

The company has another film on their plate.

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company have been madly snatching up exciting film properties lately, but their latest is an original idea from director Jack Bender called 7 Minutes In Heaven, and I wonder how a one-sentence idea is enough to get the ball rolling on what will probably be a big budget production.

The description of the story is, “two teens go into a closet during a party to play the make-out game 7 Minutes In Heaven, and emerge to find all their friends dead.”

Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t there supposed to be big meetings with dudes in suits and giant presentations outlining the exact vision of the writers and director?  Sure, the set-up is interesting, but when literally nothing else has been worked out, it could be an unmitigated disaster or a horror flick instead of something very cool, for which the company is known.

Of course, given the talent and consistently great work put out by the company, there’s obvious room for hope, but for this to be a truly exciting project, an actual writer or team of writers — my vote is for Bad Robot cohorts, and Lost and Tron: Legacy writing duo of Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz — needs to take a crack at it and for Bender’s name to be attached to it in a more concrete way, beyond simply offering the idea.

No matter what happens, 7 Minutes In Heaven is a project I’ll be keeping an eye on.


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