‘I’m Still Here’: Why?

Joaquin Phoenix is a weird dude.  Or is he?  DUN DUN DUN!!!

That is the central conceit of the upcoming documentary I’m Still Here, directed by Casey Affleck.  The film follows Phoenix’s attempt to transition from acting to an outlandish rap/Zach Galifianakis-impersonating career. The trailer’s out now and I am oddly intrigued.

I know this is a thinly veiled hoax and a tedious one at that, but there’s something about it that has me interested in seeing this.  Oh, wait, I got it.  It’s called boredom.  That or tin foil hats.

Or, hell, maybe Phoenix and Affleck really are serious with all this. If they are, that makes it funnier and much more brew-and-view accessible.



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2 responses to “‘I’m Still Here’: Why?

  1. John

    How self absorbed is this guy?

  2. He grew up on a commune and his brother, whose name was River, died young. Clearly, he needs attention.

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