‘Skyline’ Trailer: I’m Skeptical.

The trailer for Skyline, a sci-fi adventure movie set for a November release, is now on the web and it doesn’t look so great.

Nothing gets the blood pumping like paraphrasing Stephen Hawking or the buzz-cutted wonder, Dan Rather, discussing the plight of Native Americans, right?

Seriously, this movie, directed by the Strause brothers (oh yeah, Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem!) looks to be a weak message movie against America’s imperialism, wrapped in mediocre visual effects and a weak cast.  Yep, the headliner of this movie is Eric Balfour, who once played a character named Spyder on NYPD: Blue. However, Donald “Turk” Faison is in it, and I do love me some Turk.

Actually, scratch everything I just said.  If Turk dances, this will win Best Picture.


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  1. Is there such a thing as too many alien invasion movies? We’re tempted to say no, especially when considering Skyline, the second directorial effort from special effects team the Brothers Strause. Los Angeles serves as the alien’s beachhead this time around, with flying saucers vacuuming residents inside their cargo bays for a sinister purpose while releasing biomechanical hunters to search for escapees (flying saucers over Hollywood – Ed Wood would be proud.)

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