YouTube Premakes are Fun, Cool.

There is a phenomenon on YouTube these days asking what classic or upcoming movies would be like if they had been made years or decades before they actually hit theaters, using spliced footage from old black and white films, and there are tons of cool ones I’ve seen, including this one for The Avengers that I found while on Ain’t It Cool News.

After reading Harry’s post about that Avengers trailer, I looked up premakes and I found a bunch.  This is a short one for Star Wars if it had been made in 1947 instead of 1977.

My favorite, though, shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who knows me.  This is a premake trailer for my favorite movie, Ghostbusters, if it had been made in 1954 with Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, and Dean Martin in the lead roles.  It’s all kinds of geeky cool and very entertaining.


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