Turtle Races Galore At Big Joe’s 2 And 6 Pub!

Anyone looking for a fun Friday night in Chicago, you could do a lot worse than Big Joe’s 2 and 6 Pub, located at 1818 W. Foster, right before Ravenswood.  They’ve got cheap drinks, a fun atmosphere, and TURTLE RACING.

It's a lot of fun.

My friends and I got there around 8:45 and the place seemed pretty dead.  We watched the White Sox lose with a few regulars and were kind of waiting around for something to happen.  The selection was standard, but the $8.00 pitchers of Bud Light were certainly welcome.

Then things changed.  All of a sudden people started showing up out of the woodwork.  It got loud.  Then a big guy with a microphone announced the main event: the turtle racing.

The deal is, for every dollar you spend at the bar, you get a raffle ticket, and if your number gets called, you get a turtle in the upcoming race.  If you come in first place, you get a free shirt and if you come in last, you get a free drink.

If my race hadn’t been called early due to inactivity on my turtle’s part, I would have won a free pitcher for my friends, but whatever.  I enjoy the thrill of competition, if you will.  At least my buddy Tom got a free shirt out of the night.

So, you know, Big Joe’s is a fun time.


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  1. John

    You wrote an article about this bar without mentioning how Emily set me up with sex twice without me doing anything?

    For shame.

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