‘Lost’ DVD Bonus Vignette Sneak Peak: Cool!

One of the coolest special features on the upcoming Lost season six DVD set is a 12-minute vignette called “The New Man In Charge,” starring Ben Linus and Hurley, which occurs after the events of the series finale, and Access Hollywood has a really cool preview of it.

After a few months off from watching Lost, spending my time working out and watching slightly more realistic things like Breaking Bad and Mad Men — both of which are amazing — this has me jonesing for the escapist genre qualities of the sci-fi drama again, and I’m excited to rewatch the series, particularly with the extra mystery solving promised in “The New Man In Charge.”

As for those dangling mysteries left by the show, it’s apparent by this one minute clip that one of the big season two questions is answered (for those of you who haven’t seen the show, I’m not going to ruin, or spend a ton of time explaining, which mystery that was), so I’m pumped for what other fun reveals the show’s creators have in store for us.


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