‘Dexter’ Finally Snaps In The Fifth Season Trailer.

Dexter, Showtime’s blood spatter analyst/secret serial killer series, has been one of the top shows on television for some time.  Its ability to mix disturbing, gritty stories with dry humor never fails to entertain the hell out of me, and it appears the show is turning everything up a notch for its upcoming fifth season.

After the events of last season’s show stopping finale, Dexter’s (Michael C. Hall) world has gone haywire.  He now has three kids to deal with and that giant monkey on his back of being a closeted serial killer.  It almost sounds like the premise for a goofy family comedy, but going out on a limb, I’d be willing to bet that’s not the direction the producers will go.

Season 5 looks amazing.

Show runner Clyde Phillips says he and the other writers are going to try mixing things up this season after last year’s “big bad,” John Lithgow, knocked his guest starring performance out of the park.  There will be a few mutli-episode arcs involving different antagonists for Dexter, and, as the trailer indicates, the A-story will involve Dexter dealing with his wife Rita’s (Julie Benz) murder at the hands of Lithgow’s Trinity Killer and learning to be a single father.

As much as I love Dexter, I hope the producers plan on this being its final season.  If they play their cards right, they can wrap up every major character arc, allowing Dexter’s detective sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter, Hall’s real-life wife, the oddest kissing co-star siblings since The Brady Bunch) to come to terms with their deceased father’s demons, her partner, Quinn (Desmond Harrington), to realize his suspicions about Dexter are founded, and most of all, it allows Dexter to either give in to his “dark passenger” or to give it all up in the name of protecting his family.

But then again, nobody saw Rita’s death coming, so the Dexter writers might be able to produce another couple seasons after this “logical” conclusion.  We’ll just have to wait and see.


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