On My Christmas Wish List: ‘The Goonies’ 25th Anniversary Set.

I can't wait for this boxed set.

I don’t care that I’m 21 years old and “need to start getting more responsible,” I am totally psyched for the recently announced 25th Anniversary Collection DVD boxed set of The Goonies, a film I still only own on VHS — inconvenient, considering how the Samuelson VCR has been out of commission since, oh, 2003 or so.

The set comes out November 2nd, and I will certainly go back to Christmas wish list-making.

Why is the Steven Spieldber-produced, Richard Donner-directed The Goonies so important to me?  Because it’s adventure, pure and simple.  “HEY!  YOU!  GUUUUUYS!,” the Truffle Shuffle, Short Round in another role, the Fratellis (no, Blackhawks fans, not them).

Everything about this movie makes me happy and reminds me of when I was an imaginative kid.  If I get to add a board game and original storyboards to that love, I might explode.

So, come November, I’m there.  Anyone who misses the old Amblin movies should be there, too.


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