‘Let Me In’ Gets a Trailer. I’m Pessimistically Optimistic.

Let Me In, the unneeded Americanized version of 2008’s great Swedish child vampire film, now has a trailer, and you can count me among those who are surprised at how good it looks.

The movie, starring Kick Ass‘s standout Chloe Moretz and The Road‘s Kodi Smit-McPhee, is released later this year and, while I see no reason to remake the original Let The Right One In, this could still be a worthwhile moviegoing experience.  See what I mean?

Director Matt Reeves (Cloverfield) really seems to nail the stark, gritty nature of the story.  The trailer is short and focused on the scarier aspects of the film, though, so I can’t quite tell if he has the oddly sweet relationship between the two young leads completely figured out.

And if Reeves loses that relationship, the movie’s simply not worth making. After all, that was the portion of the original that had everyone talking and the thing that elevated it to be more than just another bland horror flick in that dreaded vampire genre.

After seeing this trailer, I’m hopeful Let Me In will be good, and if it is, many more people will be introduced to the fantastic original.


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