New ‘Weeds’ Trailer: Zany Good Fun.

Showtime released a new trailer for the sixth season of their suburban mother/pot dealer comedy, Weeds, and I’m excited about what could be the show’s final year.

This trailer shows the family on the run after li’l brother Shane’s misguided attempt to protect the family in the season five finale.  It looks nuts, and I wouldn’t take the show any other way.

Say what you will about the show “not being good since season (insert whichever one you want here),” but I watched the entire series last summer during the spat of boredom in which I also began this website, and it never failed to make me laugh.

The show may have lost any semblance of reality, but that’s freed it to become TV’s leading example of absurdist humor, as Nancy’s (Mary-Louise Parker) devolution from well-meaning-but-failing mother to perhaps the worst television mom ever has been hilarious every step of the way, from getting her California suburb burnt to the ground to marrying a Mexican politician/drug lord.  The supporting characters, like Justin Kirk’s Uncle Andy and Kevin Nealon’s pot-smoking accountant, Doug Wilson, never fail to disappoint in their dialogue or their half-baked schemes to make extra money.

Weeds is still funny and I’m looking forward to season six.


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  1. Good pun. “half-baked”. haha

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