Band Pimping: Bad Religion

Buzz saw guitars charge headlong through a landscape of disdain for society, the government, or anything else on Greg Graffin’s mind.  This is the world of punk legends Bad Religion, and it’s a world I think you should frequent.

Punk's elder statesmen, Bad Religion.

Thanks to my cousin Greg’s awesome musical taste, I was turned onto the Southern California band at the very early age of 11 or 12.  A little young, perhaps, for the themes and language represented by the band, but I feel I’m better, smarter, and way cooler for it.

The band, fronted by the smartest man in rock, Graffin — the man has a doctorate in paleontology and life sciences from the University of California, Los Angeles — and featuring Brett Gurewitz, Brian Baker, and Greg Hetson on guitar, Jay Bentley on bass, and Brooks Wackerman on drums, formed in 1979 and has since gone on to produce some of popular music’s most scathing condemnations of the latent hypocrisy in modern religion and governmental practices.

This song, “I Want To Conquer The World,” from their album No Control, is an amazing look at some of the band’s pathos, and it’s a quick, catchy track that will stay stuck in your head for a while.  Check it out.



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2 responses to “Band Pimping: Bad Religion

  1. Myra

    Rob, I love you. You should have put up American Jesus, though.

    or this song

    or this song

    ….hahaha i’ve been a fan since i was 8 years old, stick that in your pipe and smoke it.

  2. I could use anything the band does. They’re awesome no matter what. That was just the one I happened to be listening to when I posted this.

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