Hoffman Comes to TV with HBO’s ‘Luck’

Coming soon to HBO in 'Luck,' Dustin Hoffman.

Dustin Hoffman has his first starring role on a television series on HBO’s upcoming horse-racing drama, Luck, created by Deadwood‘s David Milch, in a move sure to produce some of the best storytelling in all of TV.

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at the talent involved.

Hoffman is one of the best actors in Hollywood.  At this point, it’s a fact.  Watch this scene from All The President’s Men to see what I mean.

See how Hoffman, as Carl Bernstein, explains Journalism 101 to Bob Woodward (Robert Redford), AKA The Audience, without coming across as a bland textbook?  That’s talent, folks.  Imagine that, along with his other talents, appearing on your television screen each week.

Luck‘s creator and head writer, David Milch, is to writing what Hoffman is to acting.  He created one of the most progressive network television series ever in NYPD Blue and his work on Deadwood is second to none.

Milch’s research is impeccable and he knows how to put impossibly good dialogue in the mouths of memorable characters, to say the least.  Look at Deadwood‘s Al Swearengen, brought to life by another great actor I can only hope he brings aboard Luck, Ian McShane (WARNING: the man has a mouth).

The other cast members aboard Luck are nothing to sneeze at, either, with the show starring other heavy hitters like Dennis Farina (Snatch, yes!), the sexiest man alive, Nick Nolte, and Rome‘s Kerry Condon.  The acting ability is great all around.

And to top it all off, the pilot was directed by Michael Mann, who did one of the greatest crime thrillers ever, Heat.  He also serves as another executive producer on the series.

I’m not even sure what Luck‘s story will entail, beyond it “taking place in the world of horse racing,” but with the talent involved, I’ll speculate it’s got something to do with gambling and back-stabbing.  Then again, it could be a light-hearted anthology about talking horses and I’d still watch for all these great people.


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