Pixar Assists on ‘Tron: Legacy?’ I’m There.

With Pixar's help, this film has gone from "yes, please" to "can't wait" status.

Tron: Legacy director Joe Kosinski has me in a tizzy of excitement after reports surfaced that he’s shown an early cut of his Christmas-time blockbuster to a group of Pixar’s creative team to get their takes, and advice, on adding to the “character, emotion, and theme” of the film, according to this article from Entertainment Weekly.

Kosinski showed Pixar big guns John Lasseter and Ed Catmull, The Incredibles director Brad Bird, and Toy Story 3 writer Michael Arndt the movie in March to prepare for June re-shoots, and nothing but good things can come from this meeting.

Based on that trailer, the movie already looks to be in good shape, with tons of excitement, an epic score, and an emotional hook as Garrett Hedlund’s character searches for his father, original Tron star Jeff Bridges.

That said, Pixar brings an extra something to the table.  The studio has never made anything that wasn’t at least extremely good and the majority of their movies are all-time greats, including this summer’s Toy Story 3, which is by far my favorite movie of 2010 (with the possible exception of this weekend’s big opener, Inception), and with them offering their help on first-time director Kosinski’s big budget movie, it sounds like this could be more than just your typical “let’s get popcorn and shut off our minds” holiday movie.

The other thing the article points out about this little creative summit is, with other Disney-owned studios like Marvel and Dreamworks, the Pixar head honchos could offer tips on a slew of the new flicks coming out and, with that patented Pixar stamp of greatness, these films can skyrocket in both critical acclaim and, of course, ticket sales.


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