The ‘Phant is Snake Plissken? Please Say Yes.

'Justified''s Olyphant could fill Snake Plissken's tank top.

Timothy Olyphant has a penchant for playing manly characters, mostly law men, like the calm, collected Deputy U.S. Marshall Raylan Givens on FX’s phenomenal Justified, and his starring role in this year’s surprisingly good zombie flick The Crazies.  With recent rumors swirling that he might have nabbed the role of the ultimate MAN, Snake Plissken, in Crazies director Breck Eisner’s Escape from New York remake, he may have cemented his position as Hollywood’s go-to hard ass–and one of my unabashed man crushes.

What a MAN.

If you pop an eye patch on the man I lovingly refer to as The ‘Phant, you will see he is perfect for the role originated by Kurt Russell in John Carpenter’s 1981 classic.

The plot reportedly will not involve Plissken’s attempt to save the war mongering U.S. president, but as long as the flick involves a race against time in a prison-ified New York while Olyphant deals with mutated-looking criminals and attacks of the sleeve monster, I’m sold.

I hope this rumor turns out to be true, because if there’s one actor out there who has impressed me in almost everything I’ve seen him in–let’s not count that Jennifer Garner romcom abomination, Catch and Releaseit’s Olyphant.

Whether he’s staring down Kentucky-fried criminals with all the confidence in the world in Justified or fuming with rage as Deadwood’s sheriff, Seth Bullock, or even chasing Nic Cage around town in Gone in 60 Seconds, the guy’s got the goods.  Let’s hope he lands the role which could make him a cult hero for life.


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