Carell’s ‘Office’ Replacement? Try Cancellation.

Please, Michael Scott, take the rest of the show with you.

Speculation’s run rampant in recent weeks about The Office star Steve Carell’s impending departure from the hit NBC show when his contract ends at the end of next season.  My suggestion?  Let the show end at what would be a logical conclusion for all its characters.

Not to sound like a spurned fanboy or anything, but The Office hasn’t been all that great in recent years.  It’s good for a chuckle here and there, but its well of heartfelt moments have run dry once the show’s romantic leads, Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer), finally got married and had a baby.

With Carell’s Michael Scott leaving the Dunder-Mifflin branch to probably go work with kids, it would conceivably open his job up to Jim, transforming him from the prank-playing slacker to hard-working family man and bringing his arc to a close.

That sounds like a good ending to me, but NBC, being its terrible self, probably won’t stand for a dignified ending.  This is the network, after all, that picked Jay Leno to usher in a “new era of prime time” and even has made J.J. Abrams seem lame.  Chances are they’ll run the show into the ground with another few years of irrelevancy following the departure of its big name star.


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