Sony Fakes Out Everyone: Andrew Garfield Is Spider-Man

Well, I guess the news Wednesday that Josh Hutcherson would be the next Spider-Man was wrong, and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’ Andrew Garfield is going to be the new friendly neighborhood webslinger.

The ACTUAL new Spider-Man: Andrew Garfield.

The change in leads is a little more exciting than the young Hutcherson to me, mostly because I’ve actually seen Parnassus and can attest to Garfield’s impressive acting and overall resemblance to Peter Parker, despite his obviously English accent.  But hey, that’s what voice coaches and accent teachers are for, right?

The only downside I see to this is Garfield’s age, as he is already 26 years old and will be playing approximately 17 if director Marc Webb and the producers are still going the high school Spidey route.  That age difference is a bit of a stretch and something that always bothers me about Hollywood.  At least if it were Hutcherson, he’d be right out of high school and not approaching 30 by the time the movie actually came out.

But I digress.  If they can pull off the de-aging of a man in his mid-twenties, I’m happy because I liked Garfield’s role in Parnassus a lot and think he could do a great job with the role.

Take a look at this scene from Doctor Parnassus to see what I mean.  Garfield’s got the right amount of geeky charm to pull off Parker.


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