Green Hornet Trailer: Meh

The trailer for The Green Hornet, starring Seth Rogen, was released today, and for something I was looking forward to, it doesn’t look too impressive.

Coming in January: a shoulders shruggingly good time, The Green Hornet.

The movie, an adaptation of the ’60s TV show written by Rogen and his friend Evan Goldberg and directed by Michel Gondry, has been buzzed about for a couple years now, but delays, first in finding an actor to play Kato, among other things, have caused its release date to be pushed back several times, and now it’s not coming out until January, which is a sign nobody at the studio has faith in its ability to make money.

Based on the trailer, I can see why.  Rogen is generally a funny guy who may have suffered a bit of overexposure after all the Apatow movies he’s starred in, but he seemed excited about trying on a different role: that of an action hero.  It’s clear Rogen prepared admirably for the role, having lost a ton of weight, and it seems the movie’s supposed to have funny parts to utilize Rogen’s comedic abilities, but those moments felt a little flat in this, particularly the “will you follow me on this adventure” line.

Of course, I could be completely wrong about this movie’s prospects, as director Gondry has an extremely stylized eye, as was apparent in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, one of the coolest movies of the last decade.  His followup, Be Kind, Rewind, had its moments and was overall pretty entertaining.  And all those White Stripes videos he did rock, too.

But you should stop listening to me expound about something that hasn’t even been released yet and make up your mind for yourself.  Here’s the trailer for The Green Hornet.


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