Band Pimping: The Black Keys

I’ve loved the Black Keys, a two-piece blues rock band from Akron, Ohio, for years and had been eagerly awaiting their newest album, entitled Brothers, for several months but was holding off on buying it to save money.

Blues rock mastery: The Black Keys.

Screw fiscal responsibility.  This album rules and it’s worth every penny.

The band took what they learned from their funky, Danger Mouse-produced previous album and combined it with their older sound and have come up with another gem.  Guitarist and vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney have added some psychedelic flourishes and some oddities (harpsichord?!) to their swamp blues stomp and it works to great effect.

This song, “Tighten Up,” is the first single that’s been all over alternative radio here in Chicago.  I love it, especially for the breakdown.  Listen, enjoy, you know the drill.


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