Time to Jump on the Bandwagon: Go Hawks

I’ve never needed hockey in my life.  I knew it existed, and that was about it.  After all, until a couple years ago, the Blackhawks were not televised in Chicago because it “wasn’t fair to the people at the games.”  That kind of backward logic (re: idiocy) was how Chicago sports teams were run in my childhood.

The only good thing about Chicago sports this summer.

The last couple years I’d occasionally catch a few minutes of games or read the odd snippet of news about the Hawks, but I wasn’t too into it because I figured if I hadn’t been a fan my entire life, it would be dumb to jump on the bandwagon now that they were worth watching.

That all changed a few weeks ago when I came home from school.  I was astounded at how big this team had become.  The excitement got me after watching the last couple playoff series and, currently, the Stanley Cup Finals.  Now I’m hooked and here are the five reasons you should get in on it, too.

1.  The Games are Super Exciting

There are big men flying all over the place trying to hit each other as hard as possible.  Every goal is a feat.  There’s constantly something happening on the screen.  And there’s sirens and The Fratellis, so that’s always a plus.

2.  Dustin Byfuglien Rules

He’s built like a linebacker.  He has a knack for game-winning goals.  And besides, you know Buff Gonna Buff.

3.  Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews

They’re the young guns.  They’re barely able to drink, so expect them to be around for a long time.  And check out Kane’s sweet mullet and Toews’s killer chops.

4.  Beards and Broken Teeth are Everywhere!

Why did I never watch hockey before?  I flip shit over facial hair and the loss of teeth.  Case in point, Duncan Keith, owner of approximately 10 teeth and a sweet mountain man beard.

5.  Chicago Baseball Teams Suck

See?  If you’re a Chicago sports fan, you better soak up all the hockey goodwill coming your way now, because it’s going to be a long summer on both sides of town this year.


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