Surprise, Surprise: Rob’s Excited for Super 8

J.J. Abrams (or does he do the CC Sabathia thing?  No punctuation?  We may never know…) is one of my heroes, so take any hero worship coming from me with a grain of salt, but c’mon, just look at this trailer for his next film, Super 8.

There’s ‘splosions!  And it’s about Area 51 going crazy.  And Steven Spielberg is producing it, which means there’s probably going to be some sort of precocious Asian boy helping this alien or whatever it is pounding on the door, but I digress.

Seriously though, this looks like it could be a huge adrenaline boost of fun next summer at the movies.  The story behind this trailer is what’s interesting.  Until a few days before it premiered ahead of Iron Man 2–which was fantastic, by the by–nobody knew Abrams was even working on a movie that didn’t include Trek in the title.

This fits Abrams’ M.O. of mystery.  Interesting things just sort of pour out of this guy and, love him or hate him, you have to admire his ability to keep his projects, from Alias to Lost to Cloverfield, wrapped in mystery and suspense, causing, at the very least, interest, and if you’re a fanboy like me, rabid “gotta have it now” panting.


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