Happy Town: We’ll See…

Tonight, ABC launches their newest drama, Happy Town.  I’ve been seeing previews for it a lot and am pretty intrigued, so I looked up some reviews, though, and a lot of vitriol is being spewed its way, mostly because it’s being called a low-rent Twin Peaks, but I’m willing to see for myself before I decide.

The cast of ABC's Happy Town.

Now, I love me some Twin Peaks. It was originally broadcast when I was a toddler, but thanks to the wonders of the Internet, I’ve been able to catch the entire series.  It really was pretty awesome, too.  Incredibly insane, but great nonetheless.  I mean, supernatural murderers, (possible) alien abductions, backwards-talking midgets, you can’t go wrong, right?

Happy Town appears to be treading in the same waters, mostly thanks to the small-town locale and spooky melodrama its previews indicate.  Some reviewers are saying it is poorly written but competently acted, and nobody seems to think its chances of survival are strong.  Either way, I think it looks promising with a kooky, foreboding tone and it offers some opportunities for the fun quirky things its predecessor was known for.

I’ll reserve my judgements until tonight when it’s actually broadcast.


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