Band Pimping: Flaming Lips

The Flaming Lips released a new album, Embryonic, a couple months back and at the beginning I thought it was all right but nothing special.  But I’ve been listening to it more and more, playing it for my radio show, and it has really grown on me.  This is a band that has always been a little “off” and this album in no different in that respect.  However, this new stuff is more focused on bringing out the psychedelic rock in full force.  It’s filled with all kinds of hard rocking tracks, particularly the album closer, “Watching the Planets”.  That’s an awesome song, but the one that’s really caught my ear lately is the fifth song on the CD, called “See the Leaves”, with its sound of impending doom on the guitar and bass.  If you want a song to listen to while driving very fast, there are worse options out there.


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  1. alexanderpanda123

    this album is really strange, and a worthy successor to at war with the mystics. it’s a little far out there, but it’s great to know that an amazing band hasn’t lost its edge.

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