Band Pimping: Archie Bronson Outfit

Everyone is gone.  Being in a college town during breaks is like living in a ghost town.  But I have the advantage of a job at the campus radio station, and I can come in whenever I want during these breaks and play music for the good people of Kirksville, MO.  Today is one of those days, and I became reacquainted with a band I hadn’t heard in a while: The Archie Bronson Outfit.

I’m sitting here in the DJ booth just tossing whatever CDs I want into the disc trays and letting ’em rip, and I came across the ‘Outfit’s new album, entitled Coconut.  If you’re into psychedelic rock at all, you need to give this group a listen.  This song, “Magnetic Warrior”, is a heavy, hard-charging tune and it’s just the tip of the iceberg on the album.  I’ll be playing some more of it tonight, that’s for sure.


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