TV Themes, Twins, Other T-Word To Complete the Alliteration

I was on Ain’t It Cool News earlier and their TV guy, who goes by the name of Hercules, posted this video.  He complained (as most nerds–myself included–do) about these two brothers not including enough classic themes.  I, on the other hand, think these guys are very entertaining.  I’m a big fan of their takes on the Charles in Charge, Cheers, and The OC (played with a faux seriousness that made me grin) themes.

On top of that, this got me thinking.  If anyone out there reading this is a twin, why on earth would you have the same hair cut as your brother or sister?  It’s hard enough to tell you apart.  If I had a twin, I’d get a mohawk and put tattoos on my forehead and stuff.  I’d be the cool rebel one that, like, plays loud music, wears leather jackets, and doesn’t live up to his potential.  Wait, I’m already doing those.  Damn you, YouTube, providing me with a case of angsty, existential woe!


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