Post-Vegas Report; Cubs’ Vitters Looking Good

OK everyone, sorry about the late post here.  I wasn’t about to pay $14 for 24 hours of Internet at the hotel, and my apartment’s Internet has been wonky for the last couple days.

Anyway, Vegas.  Is.  Awesome.  Now, I’m not a big drinker, nor am I a gambler–I don’t even know how to play poker, actually–but both of those things were done by me.  A lot.  And since my sister is a speech pathologist, she is mega rich and paid for nearly everything. I even came out ahead, as the first slot I played–with a dollar, no less–payed out $52.40.

Number two prospect Josh Vitters is progessing well.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  What I set out to do was write about my beloved Cubs in their spring training exhibitions against the White Sox.  In short, it was a success, with the Cubs winning both games by one run each.

Since these were split squad games, the entire Cubs roster was not represented in Vegas.  I did not get a chance to see Starlin Castro, the team’s top prospect, but those players I did see impressed me, particularly third base prospect Josh Vitters, who was integral to winning both games.

In game one, Vitters went 1-2 with a triple that scored the go ahead runs.  In game two, he had an RBI on a fielder’s choice that put the team ahead for good.

Vitters, the Cubs’ top draft pick in 2007, is progressing very well.  His biggest knock as a prospect so far has been that he never takes walks, as displayed by his .319 on-base percentage in the minors thus far.  He is still a free swinger, no doubt, but he definitely took some close pitches that fooled more experienced hitters in the Cubs’ lineup.

All of this is coming from a kid who is 20, several months younger than me.  He will likely start in Double-A ball this year, meaning his ETA for the majors is approximately a year from now.  If he continues lacing the ball to all fields and improves his eye at the plate, he could be pushing the incumbant third baseman, Aramis Ramirez, out the door.


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