Vegas Ain’t Cheap (And I Haven’t Even Left The Airport)

I just landed in Las Vegas at the McCarran International Airport.  I’m waiting for my sister to land and decided to go to a bar in the meantime.  I waited in line while the bartender was shouting last call, and he was gracious enough to serve me.  I glanced briefly at the menu just to see the selection and figured a Bud Light would be cheapest.  I was probably right, but $8.57 later, I am questioning my decision.  The plan is now to persuade some drunken Twilight Mom into thinking I’m Robert Pattinson and buying me free drinks.

High prices and possible fraud aside, the journey has started.  To quote infamous Vegas patron, Hunter S. Thompson, I have “gone in search of the American Dream.”  As I’ve said before, tomorrow and Saturday I’ll be watching the Cubs play the White Sox in spring training games, so expect some updates.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing any and all of the Cubs’ fifth starter candidates vying for their spots, as well as getting a look at the rehabilitating Alfonso Soriano.


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  1. Jon

    Haha you should have had a drink minimum and silicone injected fun bags waving in your face at those prices.

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