Fear and Spring Training In Las Vegas: My Spring Break Agenda

Today marks the beginning of my spring break.  Midterms are done, and now I’m home in the Town of Inferiority Complexes, Chicago.  But my current location is not what matters, nay.  In a few short days–five, to be exact–I will be landing in Las Vegas, land of booze, craps, legalized prostitution, and…  Spring Training?

That’s right, my sister and I are headed to the debauchery Mecca of the world to watch some baseball.  The Cubs play the White Sox for three games, and we’ll be there, decked out in Irish Cubs memorabilia to commemorate the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day holiday.  I will be bringing my laptop with me on the trip and plan to post about the games, and also the liquor and the slots.  I’ll give my firsthand account of how the Cubs’ biggest offseason acquisition, Marlon Byrd, looks patrolling center field, as well as (I hope) updates on the odds of mega prospect Starlin Castro playing with the big league team this year.

Also, I will be watching my back.  It is bat country, after all.


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