Doc Jensen’s Lost Psychosis and How It Makes Me Smarter

A promo image from Lost's sixth and final season.

Jeff Jensen, or Doc Jensen as he’s fashioned himself, loves Lost, probably more than anyone on the planet.  As a staff writer for Entertainment Weekly, he is in a position many fans of the wacky show–myself included–would be extremely jealous of: he gets paid to divulge his (seemingly) insane theories about what the show means and how it will end.

Jensen’s theories from the current-and-final season alone include Huey Lewis & The News and Islamic Judgement Day references.  Is he off his rocker?  Probably, but I’ve never felt more informed about the world of entertainment, and perhaps life in general.

Because of the good Doc, I’ve learned quite a lot.  Did you know there’s a theory that an invisible planet we don’t know about that may or may not crash into Earth?  These things get discussed regularly in Jensen’s columns.

Beyond that, I’ve discovered some very good books thanks to the show’s, and Jensen’s, name dropping of them.  I’ve read Watership Down by Richard Adams, The Stand by Stephen King, and am currently reading Ubik by Philip K. Dick, among others.  There are plenty more on my agenda, including titles by Flann O’Brien and Mark Z. Danielewski.

Now, these myriad Lost connections could be entirely coincidental, but the way Jensen writes about the show and its cultural impact has become my main reason for reading every Tuesday and Wednesday.  I don’t even care anymore about how these wild ideas relate to the show.  I just want to learn more cool stuff and get turned onto more movies, TV shows, or books that I’d enjoy.


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