Tron Legacy: Mighty Interesting

I’ve never seen the original Tron, but I’ve heard good things.  It’s about a guy getting trapped in a video game.  And it looks like a precurser to VR Troopers (“WE.  ARE.  V-R!”).  And The Dude is in it.  Or something.  Hell, I really don’t care.  All I know is that there’s a sequel coming out this December that looks slick.  The teaser trailer’s been floating around for several months and I’ve watched it a few times, finding the minimal-yet-super-stylized chase sequence very cool.  I heard the other day that the official, non-teaser trailer will be debuting before Alice In Wonderland this weekend, so I decided to join the hype machine and post the current trailer here.  Insert whatever hyperbole (“This year’s Avatar!”; “If, after viewing this trailer, you experience an erection lasting longer than four hours, consult a doctor”; etc.) you want here.


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