Toy Story 3: My Childhood Returns (Originally published October 12, 2009)

The Toy Story movies, perhaps more than the myriad Shreks, are films the entire family can enjoy.  And I don’t mean Eddie-Murphy-plays-3-trillion-flatulent-cross-dressers family movies.  I’m talking about movies that have adults laughing their asses off at the jokes while their kids enjoy all the bright colors and extremely entertaining moralistic storytelling.  Plus, they have Cliff from Cheers voicing a piggy bank.

I went to the movies recently and noticed a poster for a 3-D double feature of the first two Toy Story movies, and it made me smile.  I’d already seen them a bunch of times, first as a kid myself then with my little cousins, but I still wanted to go.  Alas, things like “homework” and “responsibility” got in the way, but I still plan on seeing it soon.

I put it out of my mind for a few days, but then I remembered hearing a while back about a third installment of the series being made.  I didn’t know if there was any truth to that bit of news, so I started surfing the grand Interweb for a confirmation, and whaddaya know, the movie is definitely being made and it has a trailer out.  I just watched it and it made me grin like Kirstie Alley at Old Country Buffet.  So, I decided to post it here for any of you who are interested.  Even if you don’t have kids, you should go see Toy Story 3 next June.  I know I’m taking my goddaughter to see it on opening day.


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