Tetris: See Ya Later, Productivity (Originally published December 4, 2009)

Now, I may not be very good at math, but I kick ass at puzzles.  Specifically, I am to playing Tetris what Rain Man is to counting cards and watching Wapner.  My entire family is pretty damn good at it, and we keep a Gameboy Color (remember those?) around the house when we’re all home to hone our skills and stuff.

I have a demo of Tetris on my phone and since I’m cheap, I never felt like buying the full game.  It felt like a bastardized version of the game anyway.  One day, I wasn’t paying attention in class and I got the sudden urge to play the game of blocks that mesmerizes me so, and I got out the phone and got really frustrated when it cut me off every 13 pieces.  That’s not even enough to get a God damn Tetris (that’s when you get four straight lines in one move).

That annoyance gave me the idea to Google Tetris when I got home.  I did and came across Tetris Friends, a website that has various versions of the game.  Of course, I go for the classic 1989 version.  It’s harder to play on a computer than it is on a Gameboy because you have to do everything with just the arrow keys instead of having a couple of buttons from which to choose to make your moves.  But it’s still as time consuming as always.  I’ve played it so much the last few weeks that I have nearly gotten to the skill level I have on Gameboy.

So, I invite everyone to take part in the thing that has taken over my life lately.  If you can beat my high score (online, that is) of 320,305 points, go ahead and rub it in my face.  I’ll simply get better and beat you later when I get the jumbo shuttle (if you don’t know what that means, you aren’t good at the game).

Tetris Friends


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