Surf The Channel: Wasting Time the Right Way (Originally published October 20, 2009)

If you haven’t noticed, this website is about defeating boredom; it’s even in the name!  Sure, I have my silly little stories about facial hair and waffles, but it’s essentially a forum in which I can give you my favorite time wasters on the Internet.  Since the time I discovered it last year, my number one website for wasting time has been Surf The Channel.  It’s got just about every television show you can imagine, as well as thousands of movies, all for free.  You search the name of the film or show you want, click on it, and are given links to other websites where you watch them.  I’m not very sure on the legality of it all, but I don’t think you’ll have any problems watching this stuff.  You can discover your new favorite show or watch an old movie you can’t find at your local rental place.  It’s all worth the loading times and you won’t be disappointed.  So, enjoy hours of unproductive time, on me.

Surf The Channel


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