Michael Vick: Stand Up Guy? You Never Know (Originally published November 9, 2009)

I’ve got to hand it to Michael Vick.  The guy has done a lot of wrong in his life, but he seems to be on his way to making up for it.  After getting out of jail for dog fighting, he signed with the Eagles for a bargain basement contract compared to what he was previously used to, and now he is determined to win at all costs.

In this article, it’s reported that Vick confidant Tony Dungy said the former Falcons quarterback could play for the Buffalo Bills next season.  Ever the diligent journalist, Anonymous Associated Press Journalist went straight to Vick himself.  “We talked about it [before signing with the Eagles],” Vick said,  “but the primary goal is to help [the Eagles] win the Super Bowl.”

I was shocked when I read that.  Vick hardly ever plays.  He’s thrown six passes all year and runs the ball about as frequently as a lineman.  And yet, he wants to dispel any notions that he’s unhappy.  Even if he is, he is sucking it up and being a good teammate, and even more, a stand up guy, by staying out of the things that have gotten him in trouble in the past.

Keep in mind, this is the guy that once flipped off his own home field fans.  He also, y’know, went to prison for betting on dogs to murder each other.  But hey, everyone deserves a second chance, right?  So if you need a sign of someone at least trying to become a better person, look no further than Michael Vick.  This may just be a small thing, but every positive step he makes helps his crusade to prove us all wrong and live the life of a reformed man.


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