Kick-Ass: I. Cannot. Wait. (Originally published January 16, 2010)

How can you not love that?  This movie is based on a comic book written by a crazy Scotsman named Mark Millar and drawn by my favorite artist of all time, John Romita, Jr.  I’ve yet to read the book itself but it seems all kinds of awesome.

Kick-Ass is also directed by Matthew Vaughn, who produced Guy Ritchie’s early English gangster flicks and even had a gem of his own called Layer Cake that is credited with singlehandedly earning Daniel Craig the title of James Bond.

And besides, a movie starring Nicolas Cage that doesn’t immediately overload the Suck-O-Meter must be worth watching, right?  So yeah, I’m getting ready to eat some popcorn and watch the severed limbs fly.


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