I Want to Marry Liz Lemon (Originally published February 4, 2010)

How sad is it that I’m in love with a fictional character?  Well, it can’t be too bad considering how every person in America with girl parts salivates at the thought of that vampire guy.  And for those of you who know me, stop saying I look like him; he’s not manly and I do not appreciate it, regardless of how much of an international sex symbol he is.

"Yep. I'm confused, too."

But anyway, a friend of mine recommended I start watching 30 Rock a few months ago, and I became smitten.  With the show, that is.  It’s hilarious, and Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy is the funniest character on television (Walter Bishop on Fringe is a close second, though).  The show’s wacky humor and constant send-ups of its parent network, NBC, are always worthwhile, and I’m glad it’s established itself as one of the few hits on the network.

The show is that way because of its creator and star, Tina Fey.  The character she plays, Liz,  is the showrunner of a late night variety show much like Saturday Night Live. And she is on fire with the jokes all the time.  She’s self deprecating and super nerdy.  And, despite Fey being not at all what I normally go for, she’s mighty attractive. In other words, jackpot.

And you know what?  I’m not at all ashamed.  Who wouldn’t want to marry someone with a boss like Jack?  I sure as hell wouldn’t mind hanging out with him.  And, if the marriage were to follow the storylines of the show, I.  Wouldn’t.  Even.  Have.  To.  Try.

So yeah, fellas, I recommend getting down on one knee (to propose, perverts) for the next super awesome girl you meet on TV.  I doubt you’ll regret it.


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